A list of our Quicksilver Running FAQs can be found below – these relate to all of our races. For race specific information, please find individual race day information booklets on the relevant event pages.

If you can no longer take part.

We regret that once you have entered the race we do not offer refunds. We are involved in race organisation for a period of at least six months prior to the event taking place. Costs are incurred from the outset and your entry fee is invested into the cost of staging the event – everything from the start and finish venues, to printing, advance ordering of medals, race numbers, first aid, toilet hire and marketing and VAT. Additionally, we always make a direct contribution to charity from the entrance fees. For this reason we are not able to offer a refund if you withdraw or are unable to run.

However, in fairness to all of our runners you can choose from one of the following options*:

  1. Request to defer your entry to the same race in following year, or to another Quicksilver Running event. Both options cost a £5 administration fee. If you would like to apply for either of these options, please contact us via email
  2. Request to transfer your entry to another runner for a £5 fee. If you would like to apply for this, please contact us via email

*No changes can be made once we reach 14 days from the race day.

If the race is cancelled or postponed.

Whilst we will endeavour to ensure that our races take place on the date and at the time advertised, we reserve the right to postpone or cancel a race due to unforeseen or unavoidable circumstances outside of our control. If this happened all runners will receive notification by email including more details on the following options available to you:

  1. Option to transfer to the revised date if it possible to reschedule
  2. Option to transfer to another Quicksilver Running event

Because of the substantial costs incurred by the event prior to it taking place no refunds will be offered.

Course Variation.

The race organisers have a policy of having all courses independently measured in advance, using an officially accredited measurer from the Association of UK Course Measurers. In some circumstances the actual course may vary from the measured course, due to circumstances outside the organisers control. Should such variation occur, the organisers will give details. We regret that in these circumstances no refunds will be made, nor any recompensed offered.

Policy on wearing headphones during races.

Our races are all run under licence from UK Athletics and we are bound by British Athletics rules. From 1st April 2016 a new rule banning the wearing of head phones in road races was introduced. This applies to races held on single carriageway roads that are not closed to traffic.

As our races have significant sections on open roads, and because we feel it is the runners and organisers interest for runners to be able to hear marshals instructions, we do not permit the use of headphones on any open road sections of the race. Any runner not complying with these rules is liable to disqualification. The Race Referee’s decision is final at all times. This advice is for your own safety and that of other road users. Without your co-operation it is not possible to hold a race on public roads.

However please note that bone-conducting headphones are allowed under UKA rules and therefore allowed in our races.

Please email us at info@kbcspecialevents.com if you have any entry changes you need updating and we will advise.

There are hundreds of clubs in the UK so the list may not include newer clubs.

Please email us at info@kbcspecialevents.com to let us know if yours is missing.

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